Health Care Professional Reports

Having a sufficient quantity and type of health care providers is essential to the well-being of a state. KIC FastStats offers statistics on selected health care professionals using two different approaches, standard counts and full-time equivalency (FTE) reports.

These reports can be used to evaluate whether a community has shortages of certain health care professionals and for community health assessment. Data are obtained from the state licensing boards. KDHE processes the licensure data to determine FTE ratios.

Standard count reports provide the number of licensed health care professional by type and county based on the first practice location listed.

FTE counts and ratios involve assigning health care professionals by specialty to up to three practice location counties. The principal area of interest is primary care physicians, advanced registered nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Not all professions and specialties are analyzed every year. For more information on standard count reports, click here. For more information on FTE counts and ratios, click here. The following report types open in Excel.

Professional Standard Count Reports
(Report Status: Archived no further updates)

FTE Counts and Ratios Reports
(Report Status: Update focus only on Primary Care Physicians & Dentists)