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KIC FastStats

KIC FastStats is a tool to enable users to obtain quick facts and statistics about population, public health, environment, and social determinants of health without creating a complex query. KIC FastStats also recognizes that some data may not be available by county as is the case for the traditional query modules. FastStats presents the data in the format in which it was prepared and presented to the Bureau of Epidemiology and Public Health Informatics. Footers and links to data sources are provided along with explanations of the information.

KIC FastStats is comprised of several components.

New ItemFastStats Annual Tables are 25 selected tables of vital statistics information available by county. Annual Tables are availble in Excel and PDF formats. The 2013 Selected Annual Tables are the most current tables available. Click here for 2012 Selected Annual Tables. Click here for 2011 Selected Annual Tables. Click here for 2010 Selected Annual Tables. Click here for 2009 Selected Annual Tables.

Kansas BRFSS Local Data is the newest component, providing Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance Survey estimates for the 62 largest Kansas counties and regional estimates for the 43 smaller counties. Data tables, mapping and comparisons are possible at Kansas BRFSS Local Data.

KIC County Profiles are being revised. Many of the indicators are now available in Kansas Health Matters.

New ItemLegislative Profiles is a program that provides selected public health statistics about a legislative district. To access Legislative Profiles, click here.

Health Professionals enables the user to review standard reports and data on the number of health professionals that work in Kansas.

Kansas Preventable Hospitalizations (AHRQ Quality Indicators) provides statewide data on health care quality indicators, using hospital discharge data, and compares those results with national data.

KIC FastStats also serves as your link to statistics prepared by other organizations.

Kansas Health Matters is the newest source for community health assessment information for your county. Visit Kansas Health Matters to compare your county dashboard to the state or health preparedness region. To see your dashboard you can also click here.

Communities That Care is a convenience survey of 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders. Statewide the participation rate is about 60 percent, but may be higher in come counties. Visit Communities That Care to learn more about this resource.

The Missouri Census Data Center has made available the "Single-County IRS Migration Profile" that generates a migration profile with data regarding movement into and out of the chosen county based on tracking movement reflected in 2008-2009 IRS tax returns. Click here to access the reports for your county.

The U.S. Census Bureau maintains a Quick Facts site for Kansas counties and major cities. Quick Facts contain some Census 2010 Information as well as results from bureau estimates and surveys. Click here to access the reports for your county.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has prepared a series of Kansas Agricultural Census Profiles based on the 2007 Census of Agriculture. The data include information on number of farms, value of products sold, and average age of the principal operator. Click here to access the reports for your county.

The Kansas State Department of Education has made available K-12 Education Reports by County, District, and school. Custom school-year reports can be created from data collected by the department and contain information of school officials, attendance and dropouts. Click here to access the reports for your county.

Kansas Rural Health Works at Kansas State Univeristy has published Importance of the Health Care Sector to the Economy reports for each Kansas county. Click here to download individual county reports.

The Kansas Statistical Abstract - prepared by the University of Kansas Institute for Policy and Social Research - is a compilation of a wide range of statistics about Kansas Counties. Click here to find a comprensive listing of data tables about each county.

The traditional Kansas Information for Communities remains available for interactive queries on births, pregnancies, population, death, cancer, and hospital discharges by procedure and by diagnosis. Guidance on how to use KIC is available here and documentation is available here.

This page updated August 30, 2012.