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Birth Statistics Query

This query module enables you to create tables on birth outcomes and characteristics. The query will return statistics grouped by year, county, race, Hispanic origin, and marital status. Cells with values less than 6 will be suppressed for confidentiality.

While every effort is made to assure the KIC data summaries parallel the results in the Kansas Annual Summary of Vital Statistics, some slight differences may occur. Unknowns or not stated values for age, race, county of residence or any of the birth outcomes are not included in the statistics. In some instances you may be able to calculate the number of not stated or unknown values by deducting the sum of the all of the categories of known values from the total number of births. 

For further explanation of all queries, click on KIC Notes and Limitations contains documentation for all KIC and Fast Stats modules. Click here for specific information about birth statistics queries.

You can create a table query of birth data by any combination of the row or column variables. You can also limit the results to a single category of any other variable. 2012 is the most current year.

Table Display

This page updated August 31, 2012.