Death Map

Allows you to generate a Kansas map for specific Causes of Death, categorized by Year, Age Group, and/or Sex. To learn more about KIC Maps click here.

STEP 1 (Optional)
  Certian variables can be limited in your search.
  Sex:   Age Group:   Race:   Ethnicity:
  Select Year or Years:

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  Select a Cause of Death (default: Total for all causes). This list contains the major cause(s). To see a more specific cause, select the major   cause and then select "Map for more specific causes within selected cause." The pound sign (#) designates a rankable cause.

    Map for selected causes
Map for more specific causes
      within selected cause
  Select statistics to be mapped: Frequencies Rate / Percent
  Age-Adjusted Rates: No  Yes
  Select count intervals: Quartiles Quintiles Higher/Lower than State
  Label Counties: No Yes
  Select color combination:

This page updated October 28, 2021.